April Wrap-Up

Even though I took a short break from blogging this month (and I’m still on a bookstagram hiatus), that didn’t keep me from reading! 😃 I did manage to slow my pace and read fewer books this month. I know most people have the opposite goal — to read as many books as they can! But I liked taking my time with each book, and I’m happy I gave myself some space to enjoy them without worrying about taking photos or posting new content. ❤️ Everyone needs a break now and then!

Here are my ratings for this month’s reads:

Click on each title to read my review! 😊
*You can read more about why I chose not to rate these books here. It was mostly due to a nostalgic bias.

Did I read everything on my April TBR?
Nope! But I didn’t really expect to.

Did I read anything not on my April TBR?
Yes! Emergency Contact and Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card Volumes 1, 2 & 3 were not on my April TBR.

What were my favorite reads of the month?
My two favorite reads of this month were Strange the Dreamer and The Song of Achilles.

What were my least favorite reads of the month?
I was disappointed by both Emergency Contact and Leah on the Offbeat. They were books that — for me, at least — didn’t seem to live up to their hype. 🙁

What were your favorite reads this month? Let me know!

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