March TBR

I realized last month that I’m definitely more of a mood reader, so from here on out, I’m going to be a little more flexible with my monthly TBRs. Each TBR will include 1) some books that I’m confident I’ll actually read that month, and 2) books that I want to read soon but that I may not get to that month. I’m excited to see if this works better for me! 😊 I like having some sort of structure, but this should give me plenty of options in case I’m not really feeling whatever book I’m set to read next.

In March, I’m confident that I’ll read…

*These are ARCs/review copies that I’ve received in exchange for an honest review, so they’re definitely a high priority.

I would also really like to read…

(And of course there are also the books I didn’t read in February, like Reign of the Fallen, The Hazel Wood, Tempests and Slaughter, Daughter of the Pirate King (and the sequel, Daughter of the Siren Queen, now that it’s out), and Still MeWHY ARE THERE SO MANY GREAT BOOKS TO READ?! 😡)

What are you planning to read in March? Let me know! πŸ€

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