The Trouble with TBRs…

Each month, I try to choose four or five books that I’m definitely interested in reading. Sometimes I stick to my list… but, more often than not, I don’t. 😬 What I’m starting to realize is that I need a more flexible TBR, or maybe even no TBR at all.

Why is what I’m doing now not working for me?
It can be hard to know exactly what I’m going to want to read in any given month. And I change my mind a lot. 😅 If I’ve pre-ordered a book that I’m really excited to read, I might choose that over something I’d initially planned on reading. Or, if I’m in the mood for a certain type of book, like a fantasy or contemporary, I might pick something different based on that. Sometimes I fall into reading slumps. When this happens, I don’t usually dislike the book, but it feels like the right read at the wrong time, if that makes sense. 🤔 I’ve been receiving more eARCs lately, too, and it can be hard to squeeze them into an already-full TBR.

What am I going to try instead?
Beginning this month, I’m going to set aside my TBR and focus on asking myself, “What do I feel like reading now?” after I finish a book. This means that I won’t really be posting monthly TBRs anymore, but I’ll still write reviews and post a wrap-up at the end of each month. This will give me the flexibility I need without changing my blogging habits too much. 😊

Other Updates:

  • I’ll be announcing my fall-themed giveaway on my Instagram account tomorrow, so be sure to keep an eye out for that post! I can’t tell you too much, but it will include two recently-published books (and one of them is signed!), a book sleeve, a candle, some tea, and a few other mystery goodies. You won’t want to miss it! 😃📚🍂
  • I want to switch things up every now and then and post something that’s not a review. So, this means you’ll be seeing more posts about bookish merch, bookstagram, and maybe some personal stuff here and there.
  • I just started reading Forest of a Thousand Lanterns by Julie C. Dao, and I’m hoping to have a review up within the next week, depending on how long it takes me to read it. (That’s another thing. No more feeling bad for being a slow(-ish) reader! That’s one of my goals for this month. 😀)

Do TBRs work for you? Do you usually stick to them, or do you end up reading other books instead? Are there are posts you would especially like to see, as I work on varying my content a little more? Let me know! ❤

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